BOGO Laser Hair Removal Offer

Say "Goodbye Razor and "Hello Laser!"

Our much anticipated BOGO Laser Hair Removal sale is back!

  Pricing per session is as follows:

    • Extra Small (Lip, Chin, Glabella, or Toes, etc.) $75
    • Small (Underarms, Bikini Line, or Back of Neck) $150
    • Medium (Full Brazilian or Forearms, etc.) $275
    • Large (Full Arms, or Lower or Upper Legs, etc.) $375
    • Extra Large (Full Legs or Male Chest/Back, etc.) $450
We offer the latest technology for laser hair removal. Our in-motion Soprano ICE is fast, painless, and super effective as it achieves 90% hair clearance on 90% of patients with 6 treatments  spaced 4-12 weeks apart.* 
Call (843) 405-5906 to buy your BOGO Laser Hair Removal sessions or fill out the form below to be contacted Summer is just a few months away, don’t wait!

Want to Be Contacted About This Offer?

    *All treatment packages for this promotion must be paid in full and cannot be combined with any other deals. All treatments will be performed at our new West Ashley office (1470 Tobias Gadson Blvd., Suite 100A, Charleston, SC 29414 – scheduled to open April 1).