CoolPeel Charleston


With Tetra CO2 Laser

CO2 laser treatment just became a lot cooler. Reduces fine lines, sun damage and pore size, and improves skin texture … with no downtime.

CoolPeel Charleston

Why CoolPeel™ with Tetra CO2 Laser Technology?

Lasers and other collagen-promoting technologies can deliver dramatic results without the risks that come with invasive surgery. CoolPeel™– advanced skin rejuvenation for the face, neck, and hands – offers brand new CO2 laser technology that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, diminishes sun damage, minimizes pores, all while improving skin texture with no downtime.  

The gold standard in the treatment of wrinkles, signs of aging, skin texture, and other skin imperfections, Tetra CO2 Laser is the only laser technology that can perform CoolPeel™ procedures with its unique pulse control. The high-peak power, short pulse delivers a fractional ablative treatment without thermal (heat) damage to the surrounding tissue. No thermal damage means downtime is highly controlled and minimized while impressive, superficial skin-resurfacing results are delivered.  

By targeting just the superficial layer of skin tissue, damaged skin is removed, revealing younger and healthier looking skin – which makes CoolPeel™ ideal for our patients who want skin correction, but simply do not want any downtime. With other settings on the innovative Tetra CO2, we can perform considerably deeper treatments for those patients who desire or need it, which will require longer downtimes. The flexibility of Tetra CO2 Laser ­allows us to offer the full range of CO2 treatments and benefits to our patients.

Cool Peel: Before & After

CoolPeel™ will:

    • Diminish uneven skin texture
    • Improve skin tone
    • Soften signs of aging
    • Remove damage
    • Eliminate dark spots
    • Diminish age spots

A CoolPeel™ treatment can take anywhere from five to 15 minutes. While there is no need for anesthesia or localized numbing, a topical numbing cream can ensure additional comfort.

Patients typically experience some redness, much like a sunburn for a day or two, but are usually able to return to normal daily activities. Skin may feel dry and scaly as it heals, so it is important to keep the skin hydrated after a CoolPeel™ treatment. For a complete list of post-treatment care, click here (CoolPeel What to Expect.)

In the first week post-treatment, collagen production is stimulated, skin resurfacing has begun, and younger skin will continue to reveal itself!

My first step to CoolPeel™ with Tetra CO2 Laser?

Schedule your free personal consultation at Koniver Aesthetics online or call 843.405.5906. We will perform a complete evaluation of your skin and recommend a treatment plan with a timetable based upon your personal goals and schedule. We will also discuss with you pricing and financing options.

What does CoolPeel™ with Tetra CO2 Laser typically cost?

CoolPeel™ with Tetra CO2 Laser treatments typically cost between $1200 and $1600. 

CoolPeel™ with Tetra CO2 Laser FAQ. Three Things to Know!

Question 1.
Why is the Tetra CO2 Laser better than other CO2 laser treatments?

Although many advances have been made in CO2 Laser treatments, only CoolPeel™ with Tetra CO2 Laser can deliver a fractional ablative treatment without the downtime. There is minimal risk of hyperpigmentation, demarcation, or induced infection.

Question 2.
When can I return to wearing make-up?

It is best recommended to leave your skin without any make-up for at least 24 hours. You can then utilize mineral makeup to ensure you maintain clear pores and allow your skin to breathe and heal properly over time.  For a complete list of post-treatment care, click here (CoolPeel What to Expect.)

Question 3.
How many treatments of CoolPeel™ will I need?

The Tetra CO2 Laser can deliver CoolPeel’s resurfacing results, reducing wrinkles and tightening the skin on the face, neck, or hands, in one to three treatments.

Disclaimer: Every patient is different, and results may vary due to a number of factors. During your consultation, we will discuss the results you can expect.