Laser Hair Removal FAQs

How much is laser hair removal?

We price our treatments based on the size of the treatment area ranging from extra small to extra-large. Session prices are as follows with example(s) for what may fall into that specific size category for reference:

Extra small $85 (lip/chin)

Small $185 (underarms/bikini)

Medium $285 (Brazilian)

Large $400 (Half Leg/Arms)

Extra Large $475 (Full Legs/Male Back/Male Chest)

Sessions are sold in a package of six for optimal results. The sessions are spaced out based on average hair regrowth cycles and will vary by person. We generally suggest 4-6 week intervals for areas such as the underarms whereas the legs may require 8-12 week intervals. Patients are permitted to pay for a series or pay as they go. When paying up front for a series, there is a 10% discount applied. For patients purchasing multiple areas at the same time (e.g. bikini, underarms, lower legs), we allow for a 20% discount overall when paid in full. Care Credit may also be used. If you have a specific treatment area in mind that is not classified above, just speak to your provider about sizing. 

While the cost of laser hair removal may seem exorbitant on the surface, most patients who see us for hair removal are those who are typically waxing, sugaring, or using some type of chemical depilatories. When you factor in the volume of treatments patients must continually do with those hair removal methods and the fact that they must do them from now on, it can easily justify the expense. Most of our patients describe this treatment as completely game-changing. 

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Old school traditional laser hair removal (namely when performed with an intense pulsed light device) did have the potential to hurt pretty significantly depending on the treatment area. Many patients report having cried at their IPL appt or needing significant medication to get through their treatment. Those days are over thankfully. We have the latest and greatest technology called the Motus from Cartessa Aesthetics. We have both the Motus AY and Motus AZ. Both devices offer a blended 755 and 1064 nanometer wavelength and in-motion technology that is safe for all skin types. In-motion technology is different from traditional stamping methods where the heat was delivered at once in burst. It was often likened to a rubber band snapping very hard. When performed in sensitive areas, it could be quite painful. In-motion means that the device warms up evenly like a crockpot with the heat dispersed to avoid discomfort. The addition of a chill take makes the Motus technology completely painless. 

How long does laser hair removal last?

The results of laser hair removal are permanent. However, it’s important to note that the device technically provides laser hair reduction. While marketing can be misleading, it is impossible to discern which phase of growth your hair is in at any given time and laser treatments are only effective on hair that is in the anagen growth phase. The reason it is called reduction is that we have no way of knowing how many of your individual hairs may be dormant at any given time and/or how long they may stay dormant. For that reason, there is no way to guarantee 100% clearance that lasts forever. In addition, there are a variety of other factors that spur hair growth in patients such as pregnancy, hormonal fluctuations, etc. 

Is laser hair removal safe?

Yes, laser hair removal performed in a reputable facility such as Koniver Aesthetics by providers who are trained and certified and with cutting edge equipment that is properly maintained is very safe. One reason we chose the Motus is that it has the ability to treat all six skin types completely painlessly. We do advise patients not to come in for their appointment with a raging sunburn and to avoid the sun for about 48 hours post treatment. Beyond that, the treatment is well tolerated with few to no side effects for most patients.  

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