Laser Skin Resurfacing Charleston, SC
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Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser Skin Resurfacing is one of our most popular treatments!

Laser Skin Resurfacing Charleston, SC

Laser resurfacing is a skin-rejuvenating procedure that uses a non-ablative laser to improve the appearance of your skin while treating wrinkles and fine lines, loose skin, age spots, acne scars, sun damage, surgical scars, rosacea, broken blood vessels, and more. The technique directs short, and concentrated pulsating beams of light at irregularities in the surface of your skin, precisely removing it layer by layer. By resurfacing your skin, this advanced laser technology stimulates growth of new healthy skin cells from the inside out.

Koniver Aesthetics offers advanced laser skin resurfacing with several premier technologies. Fraxel Dual® and Clear + Brilliant® use thermal energy to create micro-tears in the skin. In response, those controlled wounds trigger collagen growth in the skin, resulting in a healthy glow, smoother texture and a younger-looking surface. ClearLift from Alma, is a no-downtime, laser skin resurfacing treatment, utilizing a 1064 nm wavelength that works below the surface of the skin to correct skin issues.\


Fraxel Charleston, SC
The gold standard in laser skin resurfacing, Fraxel® Dual is the perfect choice for adults who want an aggressive treatment without the downtime that comes with invasive procedures. The original and still the best of all the laser resurfacing options, it allows us to simultaneously treat both deeper and more superficial indications in the same appointment. Fraxel® can be used to treat anywhere on the body and is safe for any skin type or color. We offer a variety of different Fraxel® options from individual treatments to customized packages.

Fraxel® can help:

    • Fine lines and wrinkles – , in addition to other areas.
    • Surface & surgical scarring – erasing acne, surgical and other scarring effects
    • Pigmentation – diminishing the appearance of age spots
    • Sun damage – helping improve long-term effects
    • Actinic Keratosis (AK) – removing pre-cancerous skin lesions which if left untreated could lead to skin cancer.


Clear + Brilliant Charleston, SC

While Fraxel® Dual is still the best option for correcting more serious problem areas, Clear + Brilliant® is a gentler laser option that also goes a step beyond skincare and chemical peels to make your skin glow. Whether you want to maintain the younger look of your skin, or prevent minor early signs of aging, Clear + Brilliant® can be a smart option for you.

Clear + Brilliant® can help:
    • Prevent the signs of aging
    • Improve the look of fine lines
    • Improve skin tone and texture
    • Improve skin’s overall appearance
    • Minimize the appearance of pores
    • Improve the appearance of pigment irregularities

What's the Difference?

While the wavelengths are largely the same, Fraxel® uses a more intense laser than Clear + Brilliant®, so it penetrates the skin more deeply, and thus, requires a longer recovery time. However, Fraxel® offers more dramatic results when treating serious sun damage, prominent wrinkles and crow’s feet, acne scarring, brown spots and hyperpigmentation. Clear + Brilliant® uses a less intense laser so it is gentler on the skin. Clear + Brilliant® is perfect for maintaining healthy skin and treating superficial skin conditions, such as, fine lines and wrinkles, and minor sun damage


Clearlift Charleston, SC
ClearLift™ uses Q-Switched advanced laser technology that delivers gentle and effective energy in fractions to trigger the skin to respond with collagen production. Safe for all skin types, ClearLift helps tighten the skin and pores and reverses the superficial signs of aging. Candidates with signs of aging and or sun damage find this fast, non-surgical treatment, often called a “lunchtime facelift,” a gentle alternative to treat the most delicate areas of the face, neck and décolleté.ClearLift is based upon a unique method of energy dispersion, emitting narrow pulse widths with multiple peaks of energy, resulting in greater efficiency and patient comfort. ClearLift delivers acoustic shock waves to the target area through high laser intensities in nanosecond pulses. This mechanical Q- Switched effect creates a controlled dermal wound. The treatment addresses:
    • Skin imperfections
    • Hyperpigmentation
    • Multi-color tattoos
    • Fine lines
    • Wrinkles
    • Scars
    • Loose or saggy skin
    • Lightening dark areas under eyes
    • And more
ClearLift™ is virtually painless, completed in as little as 20 minutes, with no downtime. You can resume normal activities immediately. ClearLift™ is a gradual process with lifting and tightening and skin rejuvenation visible over the course of several weeks.

My first step to Laser Resurfacing?

Schedule your free personal consultation at Koniver Aesthetics online or call 843.405.5906.

We will perform a complete evaluation of your skin and recommend a treatment plan with a timetable based upon your personal goals and schedule. We will also discuss with you pricing and financing options.

Laser Resurfacing FAQ. 3 Things to Know!

Question 1
Can I combine Laser Resurfacing with other procedures?

Each procedure has its own benefits. Laser resurfacing can be complementary to other cosmetic procedures, such as dermal fillers or neurotoxins. Talk to us at your consultation about how to maximize the benefits with other procedures.

Question 2
Are there any issues that would make it a bad time for this procedure?

This procedure may not be suitable for people with sunburn or who plan an outdoor activity immediately following treatment. Also, people with an active herpes outbreak should avoid the procedure.

Question 3
At what age is it appropriate to have facial laser resurfacing?

Whatever your age, sun exposure, environmental conditions, and lifestyle can contribute to lackluster skin. You can prolong your youthful looks, address early aging signs, correct pigmentation problems or acne scarring with this procedure. 

Disclaimer: Every patient is different, and results may vary due to a number of factors. During your consultation, we will discuss with you the results you can expect and create a custom treatment plan that’s right for you.