My ReNEWed Routine with Ashley Lovett

We all would love to sit down with our favorite provider for a nice long chat with our big list of questions. Now’s your chance! 

My ReNEWED Routine with Ashley Lovett

Q. What is your name? What is your job at Koniver Aesthetics?

Ashley Lovett. My job is RN Nurse Injector.

Q. What is one procedure you could not live without? How often do you have this procedure done?

I could not live without Fraxel®. It has changed my skin. After doing a series of three treatments initially, I now get a Fraxel® treatment 1-2 times per year. Between those treatments, I maintain the results with Clear+Brilliant® monthly. I get compliments on my skin regularly. The tone and texture are so much better, and I have no unwanted pigment.

Q. If you could go back 10 years, what would you change about your skincare routine?

If I could go back 10 years, I would use Tretinoin and sunscreen daily!  Actually, I would have started as a teenager if I could. Tretinoin is great for acne and anti-aging. Everyone in my house currently uses it… my teenagers and my husband, who has played golf without sunscreen for years!  There are so many sunscreen options, so finding the right one for you is easy!

Q. For brides getting married in the Spring and Summer, what procedures would you recommend starting now to prepare them to be more radiant on their wedding day?

Brides want to look like the most beautiful version of themselves they can. I think a series of Clear+Brilliant®, CoolPeel™, or Vivace® followed by medical grade skin care would give her an amazing glow from the engagement all the way up to the big day. If she is interested in neurotoxins or fillers, it is important to start early so she has time to make any adjustments before her showers and bridal portraits. Don’t forget to include the mother of the bride!

Q. What is your skin type (dry, oily, or combination)? What are your favorite skincare products available at Koniver Aesthetics?

I have normal skin. My daily routine consists of Obagi® Foaming Gel cleanser, C-Clarifying Serum, Bioserum Firm, Lumiere® Riche eye cream, Isdin sunscreen.  In the evening, I wash my face, use Retivance® around my eyes, neck, and chest, Tretinoin on my face, Bio Serum Firm, Lumiere® Riche eye cream. Sometimes, when I’m feeling a little dry, I’ll top off my evening routine with Hydrate Lux. C-Clarifying serum is one of my favorite products because I’m prone to freckles! A daily dose of Hydroquinone helps keep my pigment in check.

Q. What is your favorite part about your job at Koniver Aesthetics?

I love to see my patients smile when they see themselves in the mirror after their treatment!  Helping someone feel confidant is my goal.