My ReNEWed Routine with Jenn Garrett

Dying to know your favorite skincare provider’s routine? Licensed Esthetician Jenn Garrett shares her favorite products, procedures, and tips to take care of her skin during the cooler winter months.

Q. Our temperate winters in the South are still great for spending time outdoors. What do you do differently to protect your skin when you are outside in the winter versus the summer months?

I definitely moisturize more in the winter months- especially my hands and lips, as they always take a beating when it is cooler out. And, of course, I continue to wear SPF every day!

Q. New Year’s always brings new resolutions. Do you have any insider aesthetic tips for your clients for facial treatments that are better received in the winter months?

Summer skin is made in the Winter. Winter months allow the skin more healing/hibernation time, making it a perfect season to schedule laser treatments, like Fraxel® & CoolPeel™ with Tetra CO2. I personally like to do a face, neck, and chest Fraxel treatment every winter.

Q. Do you have any body procedures you recommend to accompany a patient’s diet and fitness goals?

I would definitely say Laser Hair Removal. It is such a huge timesaver to not have to deal with shaving every few days and since it takes 6 treatments spaced 4-12 weeks apart, the winter is the perfect time to get started to be hair free by summer.

Q. What is the most popular non-surgical procedure you perform for your clients at Koniver Aesthetics during the winter? Why is it so popular with your patients?

Hands down Clear + Brilliant®. This low-level fractionated laser refreshes and renews with virtually no downtime. Patients love their glowing results, and I do too!

Q. If you could choose one energy treatment to have at Koniver Aesthetics this winter what would it be? Why?

I would love to do a series of CoolPeel™ with Tetra CO2 this winter so that my skin will have time to heal before the summer – when I’ll inevitably be outside more.

Q. What is your favorite go-to skincare product right now? Why?

I am currently obsessed with Obagi Retivance® Skin Rejuvenating Complex. It is powerful, yet gentle enough to use on my neck, chest, and even around the eyes. I love the silky texture!

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