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My ReNEWed Routine with Keli Koniver

We all would love to sit down with our favorite provider and ask a few questions.

Now’s your chance!

Q. Our temperate winters in the South are still great for spending time outdoors. What do you do differently to protect your skin when you are outside in the winter versus the summer months?

I wear sunscreen year-round, but I do switch from a lighter, oil-free formula that suits my acne prone skin to something with a bit more moisture in the winter. I’m a product junkie so on any given day. I could have 10 different answers! But for now, I’m switching from eltaMD® Clear (Non-Tinted) to eltaMD® Elements.

Q. New Year’s always bring new resolutions. Do you have any insider aesthetic tips for your clients for facial treatments that are better received in the winter months?

The endless sun, heat, and humidity in the South can make healing from aesthetic treatments more cumbersome in the summer and if skin is not protected properly from the sun, there is a greater risk of PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation). That makes winter the perfect time to get Laser Facial Resurfacing treatments, like Fraxel® and Chemical Peels, like the Perfect Derma™ Peel.

Q. Do you have any body procedures you recommend to accompany a patient’s diet and fitness goals?

Yes, hyperdiluted Radiesse® – a longer-lasting dermal filler that stimulates collagen, smoothes textural concerns, softens cellulite, and combats laxity – pretty much EVERYWHERE! The knees, buttocks, chest, neck, and even crepey arms are all prime candidates. We are the first office in the Charleston area to offer this amazing treatment option. Our upcoming office move will also bring some new state-of-the-art technology to the mix so stay tuned for more fun news on the body contouring front.  

Q. What is the most popular non-surgical procedure you perform for your clients at Koniver Aesthetics during the winter? Why is it so popular with your patients?

In the winter, it’s definitely our lasers. Fraxel®, Clear + Brilliant®, and ClearLift™ are favorites. IPL is another big hit. While some of these treatment options are totally safe to use year-round, we certainly see an uptick in the winter when it is easier to avoid sun exposure.

Q. If you could choose one energy treatment to have at Koniver Aesthetics this winter what would it be? Why?

That’s a tough one! Ultherapy® and Vivace® RF Microneedling are both wonderful. I try to do Ultherapy annually to keep my skin firm and lifted and Vivace® as often as I can. It really helps my medical grade skincare penetrate deeper.

Q. What is your favorite go-to skincare product right now? Why?

Hands down Neocutis® Bio Serum Firm! It’s this spectacular blend of growth factors and peptides that just makes the skin glow. Try it morning and night for a week and you will see what I mean. LOVE!

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