My ReNEWed Routine with Martha Fletcher

We all would love to sit down with our favorite provider for a nice long chat with our big list of questions. Now’s your chance! 

My ReNEWED Routine with Martha Fletcher, DNP

Q. Our temperate winters in the South are still great for spending time outdoors. What do you do differently to protect your skin when you are outside in the winter versus the summer months?

My skin tends to get drier in the winter months. I wear an SPF anytime outdoors, but also apply a light moisturizer to my face after my retinol product at night. I use Neocutis ® Micro Body Rejuvenating Body Cream daily, immediately after showering.

Q. New Year’s always brings new resolutions. Do you have any insider aesthetic tips for your clients for facial treatments that are better received in the winter months?

Laser treatments such as Fraxel® are great for winter months since there can be some downtime, and it is important to avoid sun exposure during the healing process.

Q. Do you have any body procedures you recommend to accompany a patient’s diet and fitness goals?

Laser Hair Removal is amazing and a great timesaver!

Q. What is the most popular non-surgical procedure you perform for your clients at Koniver Aesthetics during the winter? Why is it so popular with your patients?

Neurotoxins and fillers are a great option anytime! Also, a Clear+ Brilliant® treatment is so popular because there is no downtime, and you will see results!

Q. If you could choose one energy treatment to have at Koniver Aesthetics this winter what would it be? Why?

Definitely Ultherapy®. Once you hit your 40’s, laxity starts to become a chief concern and it’s hard to beat Ultherapy for subtle yet certain lifting and tightening.

Q. What is your favorite go-to skincare product right now? Why?

Obagi Retivance® Skin Rejuvenating Complex! It is a wonderful retinol product with little or no side effects and gentle enough to even be used around the eye area.