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Alexis Parolin, LE

Alexis Palorin

Alexis Parolin, LE, describes her foray into the world of medical aesthetics as a bit of an uphill climb in the beginning, but she’s come full circle and now embraces her passion for helping people become the best versions of themselves.

The Charleston native admits beauty was never much of an interest for her growing up. The self-proclaimed tomboy was very much into sports, playing basketball, volleyball, and softball all throughout high school. She also ran track and even played in the band for a period of time.

After college, Alexis found herself in a series of management positions in which she struggled to find her real passion in life. But when she became pregnant with her daughter, an intense bout with cystic acne shifted her path in an unsuspecting direction.

“I suffered with cystic acne for two years on my face, neck, chest, and back,” she said. “It was everywhere. I spent years going to dermatologist after dermatologist trying to fix it. It was actually an aesthetician’s chair that I ended up in, and she was the one who really helped me.”

At that time, Alexis worked for a defense contractor in the Charleston area. But her very positive experience with the aesthetician opened her eyes to a brand new career path.

She made the decision to attend aesthetics school and get her license. She’s been in the business ever since, originally starting out with a six-year stint in dermatology, followed by a year in plastic surgery. When she discovered Coastal Skin Solutions, however, she knew she had found her new home.

“I fell in love with being able to help people feel better about themselves,” Alexis said of her career choice. “I like being able to find a solution for the patient. I like to help the patient with whatever tools I have in my toolbox, to make them happy and feel like they’ve invested their money in something they truly wanted. That’s my main goal.”

And Alexis has the industry experience to prove she knows exactly how to use every tool at her disposal.

“I’ve had the advantage of working with multiple specialties in the area, dermatology and plastics specifically,” she said. “So I’ve had an array of training and hands-on experience with a multitude of devices, everything from body contouring to laser resurfacing and every peel under the sun.”

Despite the droves of devices and procedures at her fingertips, Alexis is quick to point out that there is no magic bullet that can solve all skin problems. With that, she considers the most important aspect of her job to educate whoever winds up in her aesthetics chair.

“The skin is an organ, so it needs to be maintained,” she said. “It needs to be healthy. I think that’s a misconception in skin in general. People think that many procedures are a ‘one and done,’ but that’s not the case. Educating them about that is very important. Being over-sold and under-educated is a common theme in this field.”

Alexis emphasizes that honesty is always the best policy. That’s why she takes the time with each individual patient to discuss their part in obtaining the results they seek, which often includes proper diet and exercise.

“I can’t stop the hands of time,” Alexis reiterated. “Nobody can stop them. What we’re doing is trying to slow them down. We’re trying to help you age more gracefully. But you need to do your part as well to get where you want to be.”

When Alexis can pull herself away from helping her clients, she can usually be found cheering on her daughter, Valentina, at one of her many softball games. If she’s not doing that, you’ll probably find her playing with her dog, Bubba, at the beach.