Craig Koniver, M.D.


Craig Koniver, MD, the founder of Koniver Wellness, has been practicing Performance medicine for over 14 years. He is an Ivy League graduate from the prestigious Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. In 2000, Dr. Koniver completed his medical degree from Thomas Jefferson University and later completed his residency in Family Medicine at The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) in Charleston, South Carolina.

As Medical Director of Koniver Aesthetics, Dr. Koniver has received extensive and advanced injectable training under world renowned injector, Anil Rajani, MD. He is well versed in treating patients with a wide array of neurotoxins, dermal fillers, and collagen stimulators. He uses his vast industry knowledge and extensive treatment portfolio to provide patients a world class aesthetic experience.

Dr Koniver believes, and has built his practice around making his patients feel better both internally and externally, and has led the charge in bringing performance based products and technologies into the aesthetic space. Craig Koniver, MD is a pioneer in both topical and IV Exosomes and Stem Cells, and has created unique peptides blends that enable his patients to take their skin health to the next level. If you are looking to protect the body’s largest organ, Dr K has advanced protocols that will change your skin health forever.

Dr. Koniver is the founder and creator of the patent-pending FastVitaminIV® as well as re-engineering the extraordinarily anti-aging NAD+ IV protocols, now called Brain RefuelTM. His methodologies are highly sought after by physicians all around the globe. Dr. Koniver has trained and mentored hundreds of medical professionals in both performance and aesthetic medicine, here at his training facility in Charleston, South Carolina.He wholeheartedly believes that the best techniques for optimizing oneself, inside and out, is through combination therapies’ that push your body’s potential.

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