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Holly Montgomery, LE

Holly Montgomery, LE, joined Koniver Aesthetics in 2021 as a Licensed Medical Aesthetician, bringing her lifetime of experience and devotion to skincare to the team. Holly grew up in the Hudson Valley of New York and attended the Hudson Valley School of Advanced Aesthetics. She moved to New York City and began working alongside leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons, perfecting her skills, which developed in tandem with the industry itself.

Holly prides herself on her comprehensive, results-oriented, and highly customized approach to patient care. In her 20+ year career, Holly has performed thousands of aesthetic treatments, and to this day is regarded by her peers as one of the top Medical Aestheticians in the field.

Holly said: “There’s an artistry to what I do for my patients every day, and I’m passionate about creating a shared vision of what’s possible. When it’s time to implement that vision, the devices become extensions of my own hands. This has helped me determine the best course of action for my patients.”

Holly’s approach to skincare keeps her agile and informed with the latest tools and technology. For the last 8 years, Holly has led the adoption of Ultherapy® in her practice, performing nearly 2,000 treatments to date, and making her one of the top providers in the nation.

“I’ve worked hard to understand a variety of treatment options over the years, and I am privileged to have served as a trusted resource for so many on their journey,” Holly added. “This is an exciting time in aesthetics, with tried and tested technologies and techniques readily available. I’m excited to share my expertise with our patients at Koniver Aesthetics.”

Art and aesthetics have always played a defining role in Holly’s life. Holly recalls her childhood birthdays specifically as moments of inspiration. While most children amassed toys each year, Holly relished in the special gift of spending time with her parents and redecorating her room from floor to ceiling: carefully choosing new paint colors and carpet, and rearranging furniture. “Interior design and decorating were always and still are ways that I express myself,” Holly said. “As a kid, I couldn’t tell you the reasons why good art and good design worked, I always just knew when things were right by the way they felt.”

Today, Holly and her husband Clark are immersing themselves in lowcountry living. Creating a calm and inviting environment in their new home tops Holly’s list of favorite things to do. “My perfect evening,” Holly said, “is laying under a pile of puppies (she and Clark share four rescue Chihuahuas) while Clark makes me a Rum Manhattan. Then I love to put my creative vision into motion around the house.”

A major draw to Koniver Aesthetics was the teams’ guiding philosophy that the foundation of beauty lies in health, meaning the best thing you can do for your skin is adopt a healthy lifestyle. “Great health and great skin go hand in hand, and I enjoy being a part of a team who offer a variety of innovative treatment options no matter where you are on your health and skin-care journey,” Holly said.

In her personal life, Holly is an avid gardener and enjoys a predominantly plant-based diet. She also enjoys bicycling around the city, Pilates, and regular meditation. “I practice what I preach,” added Holly. “Healthy skin is beautiful skin. Lifestyle and aesthetic treatments tie beautifully together.”

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