Keli Koniver, Ph.D.


Keli Koniver’s journey from her family’s farm in Tifton, Georgia to Charleston, South Carolina is one filled with faith, hard work, and even some elements of fate mixed in. It was in this legendary coastal city where she earned her B.S., MBA, and Doctorate degree, all within one historic square block; later found the love of her life and perfect business partner; and eventually started her own thriving medical aesthetics practice.

Keli began her career in healthcare consulting for powerhouse Deloitte & Touche, LLC in Atlanta, GA. Having rapidly progressed through the ranks at Deloitte helping her clients navigate the complex challenges associated with the healthcare sector, she decided to go back to school. She went on to earn her doctorate degree in Health Administration at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), fully intending, like her class colleague’s, to secure a senior leadership position in health care administration. But, with a young son at home, she was not sure she truly wanted the high stress of a senior level position.

Still, with a deep love of aesthetics, Keli began to entertain the thought, “What would stop me from opening my own medical aesthetics practice in Charleston?” As she did her due diligence, and the pieces began to fall together, she decided to move forward and started searching for a very significant piece of the puzzle – a medical doctor (M.D.), required for oversight.

“As fate would have it, Craig Koniver, M.D., walked into my life and heart. His professional passions for health, well-being, beauty, and performance mesh perfectly with mine,” she adds. The founder of Koniver Wellness, Dr. Koniver has been practicing Performance Medicine for almost two decades. He helps optimize clients’ health and performance through time-tested, nutrient and science-driven protocols that are the cutting-edge of medicine.

“So my new husband became my new business partner and we opened Koniver Aesthetics (formerly Coastal Skin Solutions) in 2015, with, quite honestly, modest expectations. I knew exactly how I wanted to build this. I was certified in advanced laser technology, IPL, and microdermabrasion back in 2007 so wanted to start with two incredible lasers I had first hand experience with, the Fraxel and it’s little sister, the Clear + Brilliant. We also saw the potential of the innovative energy treatment, Ultherapy.” Keli would later become the most experienced Ultherapy provider in South Carolina. “We began with skin tightening, skin resurfacing, and injectables, as well as several medical-grade skincare lines.”

“Our focused approach to education also sets us apart. When I consult with a patient, I have a wealth of clinical information at my fingertips. I am well-schooled in minimally and non-invasive treatment options. I can educate my patients on a variety of treatment options and their benefits, from microneedling, energy treatments, injectables, lasers, IPL, chemical peels, and more. I have been trained in and done extensive research on each of these treatment modalities.”

“During our patient consultations, we also talk about life and work – what bothers them? What are their dreams and goals for themselves? We look at the whole person. Aesthetics is just one piece of the overall wellness puzzle. When you educate patients and have their best interest at heart, they can make the right decision that works for them. They do not need to be “sold” anything,” she adds.

Keli’s patient service approach is grounded in treating everyone as she would like to be treated. “I don’t like to be “sold” anything either,” she explains. “We develop a comprehensive aesthetic plan for each patient, but in our consultation, there is never any pressure to do anything. Whatever their goals – we accommodate them as their time and budget allows. It’s the kind of respect I want from others and as a matter of policy, the respect we extend to all our patients.”

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