Madison King, LE

Madison (Maddy) King, LE, has a passion for aesthetics and learning the latest integrative treatments that will help her clients at Koniver Aesthetics achieve their skincare goals. But for Maddy, being an aesthetician is more than just a job, it’s personal.

Born and raised in Mount Pleasant, Maddy first studied at Trident Technical College in Charleston before moving to Fort Collins, Colorado to explore the Rockies. Maddy loved the sweeping views of snow-capped peaks and the Mountain town that so many of her friends called home. However, it wasn’t long before the call of The Atlantic and the promise of daily sunset walks on the beach pulled the lowcountry native back home without regret.

Maddy’s foray into skincare began at a young age when, like many teenagers, she found herself suddenly struggling with Acne. Various medications over the years showed promise but offered little, long-term relief. Less helpful were the advice from family and friends that “it would go away eventually,” and the bombardment of advertisements for “miracle” lotions and potions that “guaranteed clear skin for just three easy payments of $59.99.”

Maddy decided to take her skincare into her own hands. What started with researching the root causes of various types of Acne, led to a deep dive into the skin and its inner workings. “I was always optimistic and willing to try any product or cream that promised relief,” Maddy said of her early days with Acne. “It became really clear to me that if I was going to get this under control, I needed more than just a topical product. I needed to treat the skin from the inside out.”

A change in diet and lifestyle, combined with a blend of topical products and regular facials yielded promising results and eventually clear skin. “Your skin is the first thing everyone sees. It’s the first thing I see when I look in the mirror, and how I felt about my skin had the ability to impact my entire day,” added Maddy. “Finding the regimen that worked for me was amazing. I felt confident, and comfortable and knew at that moment that I wanted to help everyone feel as great as I did.”

Maddy’s personal success and desire to help others led her down the path to becoming an aesthetician, a lifelong student and empathetic advocate for her patients. She brings multiple Master Certifications with her to Koniver Aesthetics and strives to earn advance treatment certifications in all the new skin care lines she recommends. “The more I know, the more I can help my patients reach their goals,” added Maddy. “Nothing beats preventative care and a customized treatment plan.”

The shared belief at Koniver Aesthetics that great health and great skin work in tandem immediately resonated with Maddy. “This 360 degree approach to skin care is how I live my own life, and how I want my patients to live theirs,” said Maddy. “I want to help others feel and be their best.”

In her personal life, Maddy and her husband Josh enjoy all of the things that Charleston has to offer: the exceptional restaurants – of which Maddy says, “there are too many to count;” sunset walks on Sullivan’s or Folly Beach with their two mixed-breed rescue pups, Billie and Roux; and of course the wonderful community here who have always made the lowcountry feel like home.

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