Martha Fletcher, DNP

Martha Fletcher, DNP, always knew her professional path would lead her in a medical direction. The Charleston native grew up in a family of doctors and nurses, so it was an effortless decision to eventually pursue a career in the profession.

Martha got her Bachelor of Science in nursing at Emory University in Atlanta and began her career as a nurse. Sixteen years later, once her children had gotten a bit older, she made the decision to go back to graduate school and obtain her nurse practitioner degree from Medical University of South Carolina. Martha then went to work in primary care. She admits that side of healthcare definitely had its challenges.

During that time, Martha also partnered with a doctor friend to start a side business that featured medical aesthetics, something that had always interested her.

“Aesthetics lightened things up a bit,” she said. “I liked how you could make people feel better and improve their self-esteem with Botox®, for example, or filler.”

It was through her foray into aesthetics that Martha soon met Keli Koniver, owner of Coastal Skin Solutions. The rest, they say, is history.

Martha’s unique approach to her client relationships is simple, yet profound.

“I always try and accentuate the positives,” Martha said. “Often times, we’re all so critical of ourselves, so I feel like it’s definitely a two-way street of open dialogue with me trying to meet the client’s expectations but also be safe and realistic about things.”

And her favorite part of what she does for a living?

“I love treating people who have never had anything done before,” Martha said proudly. “I love seeing their reaction when the Botox kicks in or they look in the mirror and see the results of the filler.”

In fact, one of her most memorable client relationships was with a woman who was going through a difficult divorce and a lot of emotional stress. The woman’s self-esteem had taken a beating by the time she came to Coastal Skin Solutions for her first Botox treatment. But things were quite different when she came back for her two-week follow-up.

“It didn’t solve her problems, but it made her feel better and gave her a little pep in her step,” Martha remembers. “When you look better, you feel better to some degree. It’s a fairly simple thing to do to just give somebody a little boost.”

Aside from aesthetics, Martha also works closely with Dr. Craig Koniver’s patients on the performance optimization side of the practice, Koniver Wellness Center.

“We’ve gotten to be a great team. I know how he works and know his patients well. People want to reflect how they look on the outside with what they feel on the inside, and vice versa. There are definitely a lot of patients working with both sides,” Martha said of the invaluable collaboration. “It’s comprehensive treatment. It’s a huge advantage to the patients that we can offer that. We literally get to know our patients inside and out.”

Aside from her work, Martha enjoys boating in the beautiful area waterways. When she’s not on the water, she’s cheering on her twin boys in rugby or tennis, catching up with her college-aged daughter, or playing with her beloved yellow lab and golden retriever.