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Vaun Longhorn

Vaun Longhorn may have somewhat of a behind-the-scenes role at Coastal Skin Solutions as far as providing medical aesthetics treatments. But, she plays an integral part in making sure the business runs like a well-oiled machine.

Vaun was born and raised in Tecumseh, Oklahoma, where much of her youth was spent in the pursuit of athletics. In high school, she played basketball, volleyball, softball and ran track. Even with all that athletic involvement, she still found time to concentrate on her studies and was even named salutatorian of her graduating class. After high school, she attended Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina on an academic scholarship and majored in Biology.

Vaun worked as a personal trainer after college, furthering her love of all things fitness. It was in that role that she realized her innate passion for helping people achieve their goals.

“Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing somebody meet their goals,” Vaun said. “It’s kind of like a shared happiness, so I definitely take pride in that. Just seeing somebody accomplish something, that makes me proud of them and in turn helps them become proud of themselves.”

That same passion easily translates in her current role as Office Administrator at Coastal Skin Solutions. Seeing people achieve desired results day in and day out fuels her motivation to help provide the ultimate patient experience.

“When a patient visits, I try to put the cherry on top of their experience,” she said. “I see the transitions and they are wonderful. It’s basically a patient finding happiness with who they are. If that takes filler or Botox®, I support it. I just want people to be happy at the end of the day.”

Vaun makes it a point to build a relationship with each client she interacts with, a task she says comes easily to her at Coastal Skin Solutions.

“I love that patient experience and sharing in the joy of them getting to where they want to be,” she said. “With each situation, it comes easy for me to create that relationship, whether it be acne treatments, filler, or even laser hair removal. You always want to dote on the progress that the patient has made.”

Vaun has a host of duties at the office that keep her busy, including scheduling appointments, checking in clients, answering phone calls, maintaining all paperwork, and making sure treatment rooms are prepped, sanitized, and properly stocked, among others. She prides herself on cleanliness and her supreme organizational skills but is quick to brag on the support of her co-workers.

“We kind of work hand-in-hand here,” Vaun said. “Nobody wears just one hat. Everyone kind of pitches in and gets the job done. My goal for the office is just to make it as efficient as possible, whether that be on the administrative front or with providers. I just want the overall business to run as smoothly as it can. That is my priority.”

Outside of the office, Vaun spends her free time concentrating on her fitness. In fact, she regularly trains to become a body-building bikini competitor.