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Uradin Lotion 10


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Uradin™ Lotion 10 is a deeply moisturizing lotion that helps to soothe dry or scaly skin. It also helps to relieve the associated symptoms of dry skin including itchiness or the sensation of skin tightness.

The key ingredients in Uradin™ Lotion 10 are:

    • 10% ISDIN® Urea. Urea is known to help skin cells retain water for optimal hydration,leaving your skin feeling softer and smoother. It keeps the skin well hydrated bydrawing moisture in from deeper within the skin and from the air.
    • 3% dexpanthenol is also included for its hydrating properties. In normal to dry skin, itis common for the skin to feel itchy and dexpanthenol helps to relieve this symptomof dry skin.
    • Emollients are incorporated to moisturize the skin and cover it in a protective layerto restore the moisture barrier. This can help to prevent further drying of the skin.Designed for everyday use, Uradin™ Lotion 10 can be applied once or twice a day for skin that remains intensely moisturized for 24 hours. The lotion is even suitable for use on

slightly damp skin, making it easy to find time to moisturize straight after a bath or shower. Applying it to damp skin can make it easier to spread for full body moisturizing.

The lotion absorbs into the skin quickly without being greasy or heavy to apply.

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